The climbing brackets are fastened to the concrete by means of climbing bolts and form a platform on the brackets. Thus, both a surface is obtained for wall formwork to fit and a safe working area is provided for workers.

System features:

  • Very few standard components
  • Comformation to all kinds of projects
  • Fast and safe suspension system
  • Wide platforms

Climbing bracket 150A/200A
Climbing bracket 150A(200A) is fastened to concrete safely by means of climbing bolt. Two or more brackets are connected each other with pipes and couplers. A stable platform is formed on brackets with the mounting of woods on it. Climbing brackets 150A(200A) and wall formworks can be carried either togerher or separately.

Climbing bracket 150B

Scissor-action prop and scissor-action vertical waling enable wall formwork and climbing bracket to be carried together. Furthermore; this system allows the formwork to be moved back 60 cm from concrete surface on climbing bracket and enables chelation of iron, cleaning of formwork surface and greasing.


Projects using this system