Variable diameters with a single formwork

ADP system provides offers economical and rapid solutions for projects in which there are circular structures in variable diameters. Inner and outer panels assembled at the beginning of Project are easily adjusted into all walls in different diameters. Thus, no separate demounting-mounting labour is required for each walls. As the diameters of circular walls change, formwork is adjusted easily thanks to turnbuckles. The thickness and place of wooden fitting timber are determined in accordance with wall diameter and thickness. Thanks to the change in the thickness of wooden fitting timber and placement of it between inner and outer panels, the panels will always fit one another and there will be no change in the position of anchor holes drilled on plywood. By this way, there will be no need for more holes on plywood and this will increase the quality of concrete wall.

System properties

  • Thanks to turnbuckles, ADP adjustable wall formworks comply with other walls in different diameters easily.
  • There is no need of different assemblies for various walls.
  • Same anchor holes are used during each casting. There is no need of drilling different holes on plywood.
  • Outer edges mounted onto panel corners are manufactured from special profiles.
  • Special outer edge profile and clamp system enable panels to be connected each other at any point and this eliminates the necessity of holes fitting each other on outer edges.
  • A few clamps are sufficient for panel connections. This shortens formwork erection and striking working hours in turn.
  • On structures where watertightness is required such as sewage plant, pool, etc, a solution is generated with a few tie-rods with the utilization of AD waling.
  • On structures where watertightness is not required, a solution and an economy is realized without the usage of AD waling.

Projects using this system