Located on coastline of Morocco and gone out to tender by Morocco Highway Management (ADM), Al Jadida-Safi Highway project consists of 4 sections (142 km).

The 3rd and 4th sections constructed by Nurol are in the lenghts of 39 km and 43 km respectively.

Overpasses, underpasses, culverts, foundations, side piers, elevations, walls, slabs and head beams were sorted out with the utilization of formwork systems and amounts specified below.

Panex man-handled panel formwork: 935 m2 – H max=456 cm

Panemax crane moved panel formwork: 331 m2 – H max=810 cm

Inteva large area wall-column formwork: 1976 m2 – H max=1100 cm

SCS circular column formwork: Ø80- Ø100- Ø120- Ø130- Ø140- Ø150 – H max=1000 cm

HD 150 load bearing tower system: 3620 m2 – H max=1140 cm

CLK cup-lock tower system: 482 m2 – H max=875 cm

Systems Used in This Project