CLK cup-lock tower slab formwork is a system offering very practical and suitable solutions on all kinds of slabs such as beamed, hollow-tile or cork tile. The level differences available especially on the deck or ground can be sorted out easily with this system. Since the system consists of a few components, the erection is very practical. Four horizontal elements are fastened to the vertical element at a single point with a hammer blow. Locking kits placed on the vertical elements with a distance of 50 cm or 100 cm are the connection points of the horizontal elements. A locking kit consists of lower cup welded to vertical element and upper cup moveable along the vertical element. By turning downward with a hammer blow, the upper cup fastens the heads of horizontal element assembled between lower and upper cups rigidly.

System properties

  • The system occupies a little space when materials are stocked.
  • The system consists of a few components.
  • Assembly is very practical.
  • The system offers very suitable solutions to level differences.
  • Four horizontal elements are connected each other at a single point.
  • It is possible to assemble a stair tower or facade scaffolding with identical elements.
  • It provides suitable solutions for all kinds of slabs.
  • It has high load bearing capacity.
Projects using this system