Located nearby E5 road and on metro route in Kadikoy, Fikirtepe, Concord Istanbul project consists of 6 blocks, all of which are residences. %70 of the project, constructed on two parcels in 21500 m2 of land and consisting of 1175 residence, was designed as green field and community facilities. On both parcels are one each of A,B and C blocks. The numbers of floors in blocks vary from 28 to 30 storeys, including basements and ground floors. PANEMAX panel formwork system was utilized on wall-column formwork.

Slabs of Concord project was sorted out with two different systems. HD 150 tableform system was used on facade in terms of being both in circular form and aiming at providing labour safety for workers. In the inner parts of the building, the conventional slab formworks belonging to the company, Adakar, were turned to account. Tableforms designed for facades were extracted as brackets from the building to outward for 60 cm and labour safety of workers on these brackets were ensured with table safety rail. Specified steel panels were manufactured for circular walls on exterior parts of building. In this way, saving is provided from labour and quality and labour safety was promoted. A tableform was devised in such a manner that it could be worked with two sets of slab formwork at three blocks simultaneously.

Systems Used in This Project