FPS safety net which is assembled under two or three floors of pier aims at catching falling people and objects from working zone and protecting people on floors and below.

The system consists of a line of safety net streched between steel profiles and safety filet placed on it.

System properties;

  • It is comformable with TS EN 1263 standard.
  • The distance from facade towards outward is 3 meters.
  • Standard widths are 400 cm and 600 cm.
  • The system can be transported from one floor to another by crane.
  • Two brackets should overlap each other for at least 75 cm during mounting.
  • In order to catch people and big objects, 10X10 cm of large-meshed safety nets are used. As second line onto this main net, a filet is laid to catch small objects and prevent the blackout of worker when looked from above.
Projects using this system