İNTEVA WALL-COLUMN FORMWORK has a wide area of utilization from industrial buildings to villas and from viaduct abutments to retaining walls.

System properties;

  • It is easy to be carried by crane.
  • Panels of different dimensions in height and width can be assembled with identical components.
  • High circulation speed can be achieved.
  • Adaptation of formwork from one project to another is quite easy.
  • Panel assembled at the beginning of project is possible to be utilized up to the end without disassembling. This assures very few material damage in turn.
  • It minimizes special solution and custom manufacturing requirements for project.
  • It enables design possibility in compliance with various concrete pressure from project to project.
  • It is compatible with other İNTEK formwork systems.





Panels of various heights and lengths can be assembled by using these  three components in different combinations.

Formwork circulation speed will increase as panel dimension enlarges.



Projects using this system