There are 1276 housings and 37 shops in the project consisting of totally three 30-storey towers (each of which has 6 basement, a ground and 24 typical floors) and platform part. Total construction area is 210000 m2.

The tower blocks, which were set to be constructed in the first phase, were A and B blocks. After A block had been finalized, C block was constructed with the same formwork and scaffolding materials.

A set of slab formwork was supplied for A and B blocks each but wall-column formworks were used commonly by transfering them from one block to another.

Hydraulic windbreak and weather protection wall was utilized on curvilinear parts of A and B blocks.

By forming a covering around the building, windbreak and weather protection walls enabled the staff to work without being affected by strong winds and harsh weather contitions having happened as the height increased. And, at the same time, it helped to improve productivity with a feeling of security it created. The operation of raising the windbreak walls from one floor to another was performed by hydraulic equipments freely from tower cranes. Thus; tower cranes could allocate enough time for other activities on construction area.

Systems Used in This Project