The Biogas Plant, which is planned to be operated in order to reduce the environmental impact of animal (bovine and poultry) wastes in the region and convert the methane gas obtained from the wastes into electrical energy, will be established on a total area of 18,949,25 m2. The plant, which is planned to be completed in two stages, will be installed and commissioned at the first stage of the plant with a capacity of 3,12 MWe and then with the anticipated increase in the amount of waste in the process going forward, the capacity will be increased to the installed capacity of 6.0 MWe initially as determined in the project.
In the project, for circular Fermenter Tanks with an internal diameter of 27 m, 780 m² of PANEMAX crane-handled framed panel formwork system was given as a rental, based on the height of the h = 9 m mold heihgt and the completion of a tank in two castings. Circular pre-storage tanks with internal diameter of 14 m, height of h = 5 m, and flat curtain manufacturing in other buildings were also successfully made with the same mold inventory.

In the Panemax system, it is possible to place a wooden “spacer” between the two panels up to 20 cm thickness with a “adjustable lock VD”. Wood spacers can be made to the desired size from zero to 20 cm. Thanks to this feature of the system, the curtains with variable dimensions can be easily solved with standard panel dimensions, and the internal corners of the panels are removed without being compressed. If these connecting parts are seen as shown in the figure below and produced as ”trapezoidal” in this project, the system can be used as “circular curtain formwork” by becoming “a broken line”.

Systems Used in This Project