Our company has been providing services since 1989 in the fields of designing, planning, manufacturing and after sales technical support activities for industrial formwork and scaffolding systems. We have been operating in our factories in Kocaeli, Gebze, with 8.000 m2 outdoor and 4.250 m2 indoor area, and Duzce, Gumusova, with 28.000 m2 outdoor and 8.400 m2 indoor area.

With our customer oriented service manner, we come up with solutions to the projects under our customers’ responsibilities by taking into consideration technical details such as duration of project, existing technical equipments and competence in construction areas, required concrete pressure value and by making no concessions to our quality policy. While working on a project we undertake, we always give priority to quality and customer satisfaction. Only when you work with us that you can undestand this is not only a word but also a working principle for us.

Shortening of scheduled project durations in recent years has led renting formwork sector to come into prominence. As INTEK Formwork and Scaffolding, we also provide services in the business of RENTING with our ever-growing renting scope.