9 different types of circular and conic cross-sectional reinforced concrete silos were formed successfully with the utilization of Inteva large area panel system. The availability to obtain circular forms by connecting just template plank to the standard formwork elements is one of the advantages which Inteva system provides. The silos whose both dimensions and heights are various were sorted out with standard formworks thanks to that property of Inteva system. All the silos were drawn in computer environment one by one and the dimensions of template plank were specified. Then, the planks were cut in our factory precisely in accordance with those dimension and formwork mounting was performed on the site under the control of our supervisor. Thus; formwork erection and utilization was performed successfully and provided an important economy.

It can be formed conical formed wall formworks with standard formwork elements.

Special climbing brackets, enabled the formworks to be climbed on angled surfaces.

Systems Used in This Project