PANEMAX is an ideal panel system for construction areas in which crane is used in operations. All panels can be carried by means of connection of several panels together as well as separately. Continuous repetition in walls-columns or changes in their geometries throughout a project does not cause a trouble for PANEMAX system. For both circumstances, simple and practical solutions are generated with this system. High concrete pressure resistance and rigid structure assure this system to be economical.

System properties;

  • The system is designed in compliance with concrete pressure of 80 kN/m2.
  • It does not necessiate frontal mounting, all components are ready to be utilized upon arrival at the site.
  • Special profiles forming panel frame strenghten panels and ensure them to be serviceable.
  • Special frame profile and clamp system enable panels to be connected each other at any point and this eliminates the necessity of holes fitting each other on the panel. 3 rows of tie-rod is enough for 3 m of height.
  • A few clamps are sufficient for panel connections. This shortens formwork erection and striking working hours in turn.
  • The socket on frame profile forms a surface for plywood to fit and protects edges of plywood from impacts by surrounding it all around.
  • A plywood in 21 mm thickness is used on panels.

Panels are manufactured in 5 different heights as 60 cm, 150 cm, 270 cm, 300 cm and 330 cm. Panel widths become 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm and 240 cm. Panel frame has a surface for plywood to fit and a rebate for clamps to tighten from every points. The span remaining between plywood and panel frame is applied with silicon. In this way, plywood is prevented to water from its sides and this prolongs plywood’s life span.


Projects using this system