Edge protection systems are used in construction work primarily to prevent persons and objects from falling to levels lower than the edges of the slabs, staircases and other areas that need to be protected. Any height that can cause physical injury in the building sector is considered dangerous and must be secured with edge protection.

For this reason, edge protection systems should be used in all stages of construction. The floor where the temporary edge guard is installed must carry the designed load. 

System features :
All of the system complies with TS EN 13374 standards.
This system, which is designed in such a way that even a single person can install it, is installed and disassembled very quickly.
One of the simple measures that can be taken against high-level falls in the building sector is edge protection.
The parts are protected against corrosion by electrostatic powder color.
It occupies very small volume during storage.
Provides a safe working environment at the highest level.
All parts of the system are weight that can be carried by hand without the need of vince.
Increase productivity of high security working environment.