The BP-02 package of the Raidah Housing Complex project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, constructed in a very close region to King Abdulaziz International Airport is a giant housing project with a total construction area of 607,000 m², consisting of 74 apartment buildings. The floors of the buildings vary between 8 and 12 and the floor areas between 903 and 1027 m². The project consists of three separate regions as A, B and C. While the blocks are similar to each other in terms of static projects and measurements, there are some small size differences.
All formwork and scaffolding materials of the project were
supplied by İNTEK.

İNTEK Formwork and Scaffolding systems used in this project and their quantities are as follows;
For normal floors;
22 blocks x ½ set of İNTEVA wall-column formwork:
H=320 cm – A= 6.618 m²
22 blocks x 2 sets of HD 150 table system:
H=320 cm – A= 43.120 m²
For basement floors PANEMAX wall-column formworks:
H= 390 cm – A= 580 m²
Full tool shaft platforms for elevator and stairwells.
22 sets of material decal platform

Systems Used in This Project