SCS circular column formworks are formed with the connection of two semi-circle panel. These panels are named as circular column formwork. The surface of semi-circle panels are coated with steel sheets bent in compliance with circular column diameter. Semi-circular panels are formed with the welding of steel connectors mounted at the back of this steel sheets (named as surface sheet) and corner profiles mounted on the edges. Two items of semi-circular panels are connected each other by means of clamps placed on edge profiles and these form a circular column formwork.

System properties;

  • These panels are manufactured in various diameters and lenghts.
  • Erection and striking of these panels are quite fast thanks to edge profiles and clap system.
  • It does not necessiate frontal mounting. All components are ready to be utilized upon arrival at the site.
  • It is compatible with other INTEK formwork systems.

SCS circular column formworks are classified into three various categories as PNM, PNX and FMX according to the types of edge profiles which enable the connection of two semi-circular panels with each other.

Projects using this system