The storey height is 12 meters in logistic warehouse project consisting of 3 blocks. It was used HD 150 system slab formwork in the area of 4200 m2 and the height of 12 meters, Inteva system wall formwork in the lenght of 14 linear meters and the height of 12 meters, Inteva system column formwork in the dimension of 130X130 (6 sets) and the height of 11 meters. When it is specified about the formwork quantity and the system, many factors are taken in consideration such as primarily duration of the work, the quantity and quality of manufacturing to be held as well as climatic conditions, teams, location of the projects and so on. With working schedule in direction of these factors, essential formwork quantities for the project and project specific systems are determined. Our relevant expert sales engineers make contribution to project management at this stage bu utilizing formwork cycle programs. The purpose here is to assist the selection of accurate formwork quantity and systems with the utilization of experience on profession. However; the final decision concerning the selection of formwork quantity and systems must definitely belong to project management. Below, there is formwork cycle program having been prepared with this perspective by our project sales engineer.

The walls and columns in the heights of 11 and 12 meters were sorted out with Inteva system and the slabs with HD 150 tower system.

Systems Used in This Project