The total construction area of the project, located inside Gebze Organized Industrial Site, is 25.000 m². The production plant consists of two slabs each of which varies 9,40 m in storey height, 15 cm in slab thickness and from 100 cm to 135 cm in beam heights and where there are 3 dilatations on each floor.

It was used HD 150 tableform system on slab formwork. Slab height is 9,40 cm.

All wall is in the project were solved with Panemax framed panel formwork system. The wall formworks in the height of 840 cm were obtained by placing two panels, in the heights of both 150 cm and 60 cm, on top of each other. That Panemax system can be adapted with different forms easily is one of the most important property of it. Thanks to this property of the Panemax system, both basement walls and shaft walls were sorted out with the same formwork. Columns in the project were solved with INTEVA large area wall-column formwork system. By means of its high concrete pressure resitance, Inteva system enabled 8,00 m height of columns to be poured at a single time. As Turuncu Construction had to complete construction in a very short time, as 6 months, and did not want to keep a huge amount of slab formwork stock in possession, they preferred to rent equipments.

Systems Used in This Project